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How to do a running warm-up

Peanut's face when she hears you did your warm up today - HAPPY!

My biggest piece of advice for athletes: do the dang warm up! Warm ups are vital for a myriad of reasons: it primes our body by heating up our muscles and preparing our cardiovascular system, it turns on our brain and our body for the adventure ahead, and the routine of a warm up can help shake out some of the jitters before a big workout or a race.

Warm up should be done before every run. Most athletes find that they are less prone to injuries by adding in a simple warm up!

If you don’t have a warm up routine, or are looking to enhance your current routine, follow the steps below:

  1. Start with just a couple warm up exercises. It is often easier to start a new routine if we introduce it slowly. Stick with primarily dynamic movements focused on the lower body for your warm up. Avoid static stretches and foam rolling - save that for after the run!

  2. Once you get in the routine of a warm up, gradually add in a few more exercises over time.

  3. Target areas that you know you typically have trouble with. If you have a “trouble spot,” such as some angry calves, add in an extra movement or two to target that area.

Quick Warm Up Routine Suggestions:

10-20 Leg swings on each leg - forward/backwards, and side-to-side

10-20 Lunges on each leg - forward, backward, and side lunges

Short walk around on toes

If extra time:

Shortened Myrtl Routine (I pick half of these to do)

If doing a speed session:

High-knees and butt-kicks

Can do a few 20-second strides to prime the legs for the workout!


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