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Pricing and Details


Athlete-Centered Coaching

Our personal journeys in running are unique and beautiful.

With that, no two individuals' training should look the same. This is why personalized, athlete-centered coaching is key! Through daily communication and interactive feedback, your training is based on your individual needs to get you to your goals. 

As a running coach, my goal is to be here for you through the highs and lows of life and provide support and enthusiasm throughout the process.

One-on-One Coaching

  • Evidence-based training plan updated daily and tailored to fit your life, history, and goals.

  • Daily communication (6x/week) in a shared training log. I am here to share feedback and modify your plan based on your runs, how you feel, and how life is going! 

  • Athlete-led calendar availability for video/phone calls to get a deeper look into past or upcoming training, plan for races, debrief post-race, and/or answer any questions. 

  • Monthly office hours with the team: presentation from coach and athlete Q&A opportunities.

  • Team community app to communicate with team members around the country and world!

  • Optional athlete-exclusive running/nutrition company discounts

  • Complete personal coaching and unlimited access is $190/month plus a one-time $100 start-up fee. 


**The goal is to offer accessible run coaching. If finances are a barrier to receiving coaching, please reach out if you are comfortable. 

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Custom Training Plans

  • A "light" coaching program; based on your answers to a questionnaire, Jessica will write you a plan that fits your personal goals, schedule, and preferences.

  • Entire plan is delivered for you to follow on your own via TrainingPeaks. Full payment is required up front regardless of plan length. 

  • Can account for multiple races in a season.

  • Custom plans are $20/week.

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